Photo by @williamalbertallard | Peru, 1981. My assignment to photograph Peru as a country story for…

Photo by @williamalbertallard | Peru, 1981. My assignment to photograph Peru as a country story for @natgeo magazine had an incredible impact on my life both professionally and personally. I was coming out of a period where Id concentrated on the American West; about a 13 year love affair with the West. I realized I had to go to a different well if my work was going to grow; I had to find a different palette, a different culture. I heard through the grapevine that the magazine was going to do a story about Peru and I somehow felt an absolute need to get the assignment to do the photography. Here, in this image, done within just a few days of my arrival in Peru, I was in a small Andean village where six people had been killed by an earthquake. The Peruvian government had sent a helicopter with a medical team and a priest to the village and these young girls are peering, open mouthed, and awestruck. They had never seen a doctor before. While working in Peru I met and fell in love with a woman who several years later would become my wife. She was walking through the Plaza des Armas in Ayacucho during Easter week in 1981. I followed her around the Plaza for a while before building the courage to ask if she spoke English which she firmly answered, “”No””. And that was that until another day not much later when I was able to engage her in an invitation to join my group to attend a cultural event one night, and with that evening the beginning of our romance took flame. And it still burns 37 years and counting.

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